Elizabeth Bay is a harbourside suburb in eastern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Elizabeth Bay is located three kilometres east of the Sydney central business district. It is part of the local government area of the City of Sydney. And next to is Potts Point, formerly known as Woolloomooloo hill. This is one of Sydney’s oldest neighbourhoods.

Elizabeth Bay House

It was built between 1835 and 1839. Elizabeth Bay House is known to be the first house of the colony. The building was designed by English architect John Verge. This magnificent heritage-listed house sits on the hill where it commands a stunning view overlooking Sydney harbour. If you explore the house, you will find it  is full of history and stories from the past. It’s a great spot for children and families. This is the perfect place for a fun, educational day out.

El Alamein War Memorial Fountain

It was designed by artist Robert Woodward. The award winning El Alamein War Memorial fountain in Fitzroy Gardens is well worth the visit. The memorial was installed in 1961, in memory of the Australian Imperial Forces 9th Division. The fountain commemorates the Battle of El Alamein in Egypt during World War II. Its contemporary design is eye-catching, and really makes you stop and reflect.

The McElhone Stairs

These were built in 1870. The McElhone Stairs are famous throughout Sydney and connect Woolloomooloo on the coast to Potts Point on the hill. There are 113 steep steps in total. These stairs are a popular spot for fitness enthusiasts. But whether you’re one or not, they are worth the climb just for the stunning view over the city.

Potts Point Galleries

Potts Point Galleries houses the finest antiques procured from 15 of the most respected dealers in Australia. You can discover ancient Egyptian vases to beautiful 20th-century artwork and vintage couture.

Coca Cola Sign

This Coca Cola neon billboard was first constructed in 1976. It is supposedly the biggest billboard in the southern hemisphere, measuring up at 41 metres wide and made up of 800 lights. This sign has featured on numerous music videos and has become a landmark meeting point and photo op for tourists from all over the world.

The Metro (Minerva) Theatre

Potts Point is well known for being home to the most art deco buildings in the whole of Australia. One particularly stunning example is the Minerva Theatre on Orwell street. It was built in 1937 and designed by the well known architect Bruce Delit. And, it was the theatre to show an Australian production of the popular musical Hair in 1970. It ceased operating as a theatre in 1979. Currently it is used as a studio for the Kennedy Miller film production company.