Dunwoody is a northern suburb of Atlanta. It is a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The are gets its name from Confederate officer Major Charles Dunwody. You can find affluent neighborhoods and lively downtown area. The city has a humid climate with hot summers and cold winters.

There are plenty of things to do in Dunwoody. You can opt for outdoor activities or explore the city’s historical landmarks. Visitors can explore the nearby plazas brimming with shops, well-known brands, and everything in between.

The Dunwoody Nature Centre

This is a great place for learning about the local flora and fauna. The 22-acre center has hiking trails, picnic grounds, and a playground. Plus there is an amphitheater, making it the perfect place to spend a day outdoors. In addition to the many different amenities the centre offers, there are educational programs for adults and children.

Dunwoody Village

Dunwoody Village is a historic district located in the heart of the city. The village is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and businesses. It is also the site of the Dunwoody Farmers’ Market. Visitors can stroll through the village and admire the architecture of the buildings. There are also a few historical landmarks worth checking out. You can learn more about the history of Dunwoody by taking a self-guided walking tour through the village.

Perimeter Mall

This mall is one of the most popular shopping destinations near Dunwoody. It is the second-largest mall in Georgia. The mall is home to over 150 shops and events throughout the year. Visitors can find everything from high-end retailers to local boutiques, restaurants, and cafes inside the mall. You can also take advantage of the mall’s many amenities. The open-air stores, fine dining establishments, and salons at Perimeter Mall set it apart from other Atlanta retail centres.

The Spruill Centre for the Arts

The art hub is housed in one of Dunwoody’s historical buildings. The Spruill Centre for the Arts is a non-profit organiSation that offers art classes and camps for children and adults. The centre also has a gallery where you can purchase local artwork. It also hosts different events throughout the year. You can take youth and adult classes in various mediums, including painting, pottery, and photography.

The Brook Run Park

Did you know that this is a 100-acre park? Amazing isn’t it? It is Dunwoody’s largest park, and it is located in the centre of the city. The Park features a two-mile loop trail that you can use for walking, running, or biking. There are picnic tables in the Park and a playground for children. The Brook Run Park also has a dog park. This makes it the perfect place to take your dog for a walk.

The Butterfly Festival

Admire the hundreds of butterflies on display at the Butterfly Festival. It is conducted at Dunwood Nature Center. The butterfly festival is a great way to get to know nature. This festival is a celebration of all things related to butterflies. It features a butterfly release, as well as games, crafts, and activities for kids. The Butterfly Festival started in 1993 and now boasts of more than 4,000 attendees.