A very important part of being an international student is to find accommodation. In a foreign land, it is important to make sure that you find a home that is affordable and comfortable. This is because you will be away from home and need your space to study and rest.

Here are some smart tips that would help you in getting an accommodation even when you don’t have a financial background.

Proof of Financial Assistance

If you are an international student, chances are that you might be receiving financial aid in the form of loans or scholarships. It may be possible that you are getting financial help from your parents to meet your college expenses and other needs. You can use this document of assistance to your advantage while showing proof of your income.

Provide a high security deposit in absence of guarontor

Finding a guarantor on a foreign land is tough. To skip that, it is highly recommended to pay a higher security deposit. This usually covers up the risk associated when you don’t have any financial history in addition to not having a guarantor. Owners usually agree to this method because the high security deposit covers their risk.

Using your parent/guardian’s proof of income

This is yet another best and simple method that you can use in order to get an apartment on rent when you do not have any proof of income. All they are concerned with is the surety that you will be able to cover your month’s rent. If they have your parent’s or guardian’s proof of income, they will not hesitate to rent out their space.

Provide Reference Letters

You can use reference letters from your teachers, professors, and past employers. The main idea here is that if one is responsible and serious with their study and work, they are more likely to be serious about money as well. Thus, character references serve as a good way to show that you are responsible and hardworking and would be paying the rent on time.

If nothing works get a co-signer

If nothing seems to work out for you, it is highly recommended to ask a close relative, or a family member to co-sign for you. This way, the person who has co-signed with you would be liable to pay your rent in case you fail to do so. The co-signer must be someone who trusts you and whom you can trust.

At the end of the day, you should always make a point to pay your rent on time.