Top causes of stress

Are you planning to study abroad? Apart from the paper work, there are several issues that can cause stress. Once you are in your chosen university campus or hostel, make sure to give yourself time to settle in.

You may be homesick or plain bored in the first few weeks. But be kind to yourself and don’t let worry bother you. There may be issues making new friends. Or finding the right internship. Sometimes, a particular exam or subject may cause anxiety.

How to deal with stress?

The best way to deal with stress is to take time for yourself. We understand that college is important. But nothing is more important than your health and well-being. So, always have yourself as the main priority.

Maintain a ‘Stress Journal’

Be aware of what triggers stress in you. Maintain a list or journal where you can write your thoughts. This is a very good way of being self-aware. And, being self-aware is a huge part or self-care.

Pay Close Attention to the following:

• Adequate sleep

• Nutritious eating

• Staying connected with loved ones

• Consistent exercise

• Keeping up with physical and mental health appointments

• Managing alcohol and drug intake

• Call a friend

• Get a massage

• Write in a journal

• Meditate or pray

• Go for walk outside

• Take a technology break

• Dance, sing, or play an instrument

• Plan a day trip• Explore a new part of campus

Consistency is the Key

One of the most useful ways to avoid overwhelming stress is to have a consistent structure to your week. Try to keep as much of a schedule as possible. But, do leave some room for flexibility in order to give yourself a break as needed. Don’t be too rigid about it. Sometimes the best stress reducer is to take that break.

Have Fun

As the saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’ Each day should include a combination of things. There should be a sense of accomplishment. You need not scale a peak to feel good. Even small things can make you happy. Try cleaning up your desk. Or attempt to make an outline for your research paper. Or go for a hike. You could try watching a funny TV show.

The idea is that don’t just keep doing regular stuff. Take a break from laundry, errands, or classes. Instead, just plan a fun activity and have some ‘me time.’

The goal is to work towards a balanced life.  There cannot be too much of one category of stuff like boring tasks. Or you will feel depleted or stressed. Everyday chores can make you bored or overwhelmed or unrelaxed. 

So, take a long look at your current schedule. Can you shift the balance a little bit? That’s a good first step and a skill that can be practiced. Always remember, that every journey starts with a small first step. Be aware of your mental health and act to stay genuinely stress-free. It’s easier than you think!