Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. It is coming up as a tourist and educational hotspot in Australia. The Mediterranean climate is nearly perfect with hot summers and mild yet rainy winters.

The River Torrens runs through the inner city. The city itself is situated on the Adelaide Plains. It is flanked by beautiful beaches in the west with the Mount Lofty Ranges in the east. The natural beauty is serene and picturesque.


Adelaide was founded in 1836. It was the only freely settled British province in Australia. Its fascinating history and culture were shaped heavily by these wealthy free settlers. Over time, it became known for its many diverse religions, and progressive government. That is how Adelaide earned the nickname “City of Churches”.

A must visit is the Kangaroo Island. It is a short drive or ferry ride away and is Australia’s third-largest island. You can enjoy the wide expanse of water. Or head inland to explore the wilderness and wildlife. You can spend half the day diving, snorkelling, surfing, or sailing around the island.

The stunning Adelaide Botanic Gardens lie in the heart of the city centre. They are spread over 50 hectares of lush parkland. You can spend all day walking through several different areas. Take your pick from a formal rose garden, or wetlands. You can even choose to see three glasshouses housing an Australian rainforest, Amazonian water lilies, and Madagascan palms.

The Botanic Garden was opened in 1857. Its vision is to display the importance of plants and how they shape our future.

You can combine the beautiful gardens with a trip to the Adelaide Zoo to see the giant pandas, as they’re right next to each other.

Did you know that the Himeji Gardens is named after Himeji, a historic city in Japan? The garden’s design was given as a gift as it is Adelaide’s sister city.

If you want to just relax and bask in nature, then the beautiful Himeji Gardens are a must-do. The garden was opened in 1982. It has a fish and turtle pond, gravel garden and manicured shrubs. Plus, plenty of shaded or sunny areas to enjoy a book or picnic.


The Oval is one of the most prestigious sports venues not just in Australia but across the globe. It lures thousands of visitors every year to its gates. You can watch a cricket or football game, see a concert or attend a major event. In case there is no game or event on, simply climb to the top to see some amazing views of the city.


Adelaide has a vibrant city life, arts, music, wine, multicultural food and many annual festivals. The city has been recognised as a “city of music” by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network because of the large number of live music venues.

You can also discover many artistic wonders at the South Australian Museum. Since 1834 the South Australian Museum has displayed Australia’s natural and cultural heritage. It is home to an expansive Aboriginal and Pacific Island collection.

This museum also has displays full of fossils, dinosaurs and other preserved animals from ancient times.

One of the other top exhibits is the Egypt collection, where there are even two mummies on display!

Adelaide is also Australia’s Festival City. It is known for its many festivals held in the fall, including the famous month-long Fringe Festival. The Fringe is a month-long festival. It is the second-largest annual arts festival in the world.

More than 7,000 artists from all over the globe participate. There are over 1,300 events staged throughout the city.