Building on success

International education makes a large and growing contribution to any country’s prosperity. One such country which encourages international students to come and study is Canada. 

Driving Prosperity

Did you know, that international students in Canada spent an estimated $21.6 billion on the following in 2018: tuition, accommodation and other expenses. This is revealed in a 2016 report. It is called report “Economic Impact of Education in Canada” by Roslyn Kunin & Associates.

Not just that! International students sustained close to 170,000 jobs for Canadians in 2016. Educational expenditures by international students have a greater impact on Canada’s economy than exports of auto parts, lumber or aircraft. Yes, that’s true!

Between 2014 and 2018, the number of international students in Canada increased by 68%. In 2018, a total of 721,205 international students at all levels studied in Canada—the largest number ever. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2019 verifies this.

Opportunities in the sector are growing on a day-to-day basis

The International Education Strategy (2019–2024) plays a major part. It aims to diversify the education sector. Plus, boost Canada’s innovation capacity and promote global ties.

In short, the new International Education Strategy will make Canada a powerhouse in international education. This will be accomplished by establishing strong schools and programs of study in both English and French. Also, providing peaceful, welcoming and diverse communities. And students get to enjoy a good quality of life. With this, there will be opportunities to work and start careers. Above all, providing pathways to permanent residency further encourages students.

Student Speak

Let’s hear what students in Canada have to say about their experiences.

Birane Wane (Senegal), University of Ottawa – Communication

“What motivated me to come to Canada, and specifically to Ottawa, is the bilingualism of the capital. The University of Ottawa provides countless opportunities to its students. Additionally it is a prestigious university, recognised worldwide. The most notable is the opportunity to study in a perfectly bilingual environment. I am being enabled to use French and English at a very high level. Moreover, international students like me can benefit from many services made available to them. Those include the mentoring program and the co-op system. It provides students the opportunity to complete paid internships. They can do this while pursuing their studies. Plus, studying in this special location makes it so good. It lies at the heart of Canada’s capital. For me, it is an incomparable experience in so many ways.”

Increased Competition

Slowly, more and more countries recognise that international students represent an important source of revenue. Plus, human capital. Hence, the sector has become increasingly competitive. It is good for students are better institutions are coming up all over the world.

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