Bamberg is a town in northern Bavaria, Germany. It is situated over seven hills where the Regnitz and Main rivers meet. Its old town preserves structures from the 11th to 19th centuries.

Bamberg in Germany looks like a town straight out of a fairytale. It has several waterways and the town is built upon seven hills, Bamberg is the kind of place where there’s something new to see around every corner. These can be grand historical attractions and too many scenic viewpoints.

Here’s a list of fun places to visit in this Bavarian destination:

Bamberg Old Town Hall

When you visit Bamberg, you cannot miss the town’s most iconic attraction. The Bamberg Old Town Hall is known as the Altes Rathaus in German. This historical landmark is as unusual as it is stunning.

The Old Town

Going past the Old Town Hall, you will reach the Old Town. It has narrow streets and tall historic buildings. This is the key part of the town. It earned Bamberg a UNESCO recognition in the form of World Heritage status. In German it is known as the Bamberg Altstadt.

Places in Domplatz

The Bamberg Cathedral is the town’s first cathedral dating to the 13th century.

The Old Court or Alte Hofhaltung is a striking building complex. It has a history that dates back to 16th century. It was used as the residence of the town’s bishop for over a hundred years. The building rests on the site of Bamberg’s former imperial palace. At present, it houses the Museum of History.

The New Residence palace is another historic landmark. The town’s Prince Bishop moved his residence to this palace in the 17th century.

Michelsberg Abbey

Another major historical landmark directly overlooking the old town is the Michelsberg Abbey. If you walk to the back of the abbey, you’ll be greeted with lovely views of the town.

Little Venice

Moving down towards the heart of the town we have the stunningly pretty Little Venice. Running along the Linker Regnitzarm is a row of houses. These showcase Bamberg’s traditional side. Each narrow house has a little garden wedged up against the riverbank.

Grüner Markt

The Grüner Markt square is surrounded by retail stores and cafes. This is the beating heart of town life.

Beer and Breweries

Bamberg is known for its special beer. Plus it has many local breweries and beer gardens. The most famous of Bamberg’s breweries is the historic smoked beer brewery, Schlenkerla. This 6th-generation family brewery has been in business since 1405. The best part: it still taps beer the old-world way – from wooden barrels. Visitors flock here for the unique Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer and delectable Bavarian cuisine.