Travelling overseas to study involves many processes. Once you’ve cleared your entrance exams and got admission, many more items need attention.

Prepare a To-do List

First of all keep a handy pre-departure, study abroad checklist. Making a checklist or a TO-DO list is essential. This will help you in staying organised and avoiding last-minute headaches! Take your time, think about it, and make a list of everything you may need. Make a checklist on paper and keep it handy at all times. 

After organising and packing everything, start crossing that task off your list.

Important Documents For Your Pre-Departure Checklist

You must have the necessary documentation before you depart. Here’s a list of a few such documents you must include in your pre-departure checklist:

• Acceptance Letter

• Application/Admission Letter

• Flight Tickets

• Student ID Card

• Payslips/Fee Receipts

• Financial documents – Bank statements, Salary slips, Other financial documents for showing proof of funds available during the course of your programme

• A rental agreement for your student accommodation abroad

• Academic documents, certificates, test scores 

• Vaccination certificate

• Medical certificates, reports, Health insurance, Travel Insurance

• Passport & Visa with photocopies

• Identification Documents that are valid and updated

Handy Tips For You To Travel Stress-Free

In the excitement of studying abroad, one spends a lot of time in filling application forms and chasing admission guidelines. But, once admission is final and the bags are about to be packed, it eventually hits you that you are leaving your home.

Therefore, your stress levels are always high. 

Also, the emotional thoughts of leaving your comfort zone can get you jittery. So, whilst dealing with all these, it is important that your other stuff is sorted. What is this other stuff you may ask? Here’s what:

• Book your flight tickets early in order to avoid last-minute hassles. Plus, you save money and energy as early bookings are more affordable. They are more convenient and will give you the time to make your pre-departure checklist.

• Set up your visa appointment as early as you can since it is long process. Getting your visa within the timeframe could be challenging. So plan well in advance.

• Cross-check your passport validity. It should ideally be more than 6 months after your entire course ends. 

• Apart from the original documents, you must, and we repeat,  must carry a few extra copies that could come in handy. Travelling during the pandemic times to foreign countries is anyway tough. On top of that if you lose your originals, then copies are your saviour!

• Travelling without your insurance papers is not a recommended practice. So, make sure you have all your insurance-related documents in hand.

• Try to hone your local language skills in order to be able to communicate better. Understanding basic greetings and food names can be very helpful.

• Research about the new city you are about to settle in. Read up about the climate, and the neighbourhood where you have chosen your student accommodation. Find out about availability of student broadband. Be familiar about the law and order norms. And above all, be aware of the food, culture, and lifestyle.

A wise person once remarked: ‘Well begun is half done.’ In order to start a stress-free study program abroad, make sure you are well prepared.