Toronto is the largest city of Canada. It has a population of around six million people. The city also extremely popular as an educational, cultural, entertainment, sport and commercial hub. It is inhabited by people from all over the world who come here for business and pleasure.

Fun Facts

It has some 8000 restaurants, making it perfect for food aficionados. You can take your pick between several cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Mexican or many more and relish delicacies. This is a foodie paradise.  

Toronto has the largest underground pedestrian system known as PATH. As the most extensive underground pedestrian walkway system of North America, it connects over 1200 restaurants, 50 office towns, 5 union and subway stations. Plus 6 major hotels, around 70 buildings, and several other entertainment hubs. What’s more, it finds mention in the Guinness World Records. This is a 30 kilometers long channel connecting several underground tunnels and walkways. It is the largest shopping complex in the world.

The city has the longest street in the world known as Yonge Street. It measures 1896 km from the Lake Shore to Rainy River at Ontario border. It intersects with other major highways in Toronto’s downtown area. This road also takes its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Cursing is not allowed in Toronto parks and if anyone is found cursing, then they are charged a fine. Apart from cursing and swearing which are illegal, it is decreed that “nobody shall use abusive languages or indulge in any violence or any threatening activities against the law.”


As a cultural hotspot, there are over 180 languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto. English is the most spoken language. Languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Urdu, Punjabi, Tagalog, Korea, Italian, Russian and Farsi are also spoken by people. They have converged to Toronto from different parts of the world and made it their home.

The city also has a strong Hollywood connection as around 25% of all Hollywood movies are filmed here. The most popular location is Casa Loma. Movies like Strange Brew, X-Men, Descendants, Titans, Warehouse 13, and many more were shot here. It has become a huge landmark on any visitor’s itinerary.

Toronto, Canada hosts the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, which is the most significant cultural celebration of North America. As a showcase of Canadian Caribbean culture, arts, and heritage, over ten thousand costumed performers take part in this festival. It lasts for a week. A Grand Parade, which is also the longest parade in North America marks the end of this weekly ritual. The parade features bands that compete with each other.

Bet no other city can beat this one! Toronto is the home to Half a Home. Yes that’s true! This “half” home is situated at St. Patrick Street, 54 ½. Built originally in the 19th century, it was part of the plan, which included several rows of houses; 52 1/2, 54 1/2, 56, 58, and 60. Whilst all the other buildings were either demolished or broken down, and only 54 1/2 remained.


Toronto has ‘Days Of Measurable Sunshine’ that total 301 every year. Of these, December has the fewest sunny days whilst July and August have an average of 30 days of golden sunshine. Whilst Toronto experiences four seasons, the temperature varies from day to day. Interestingly, the highest temperature ever recorded here is 41 degrees Celsius in the summer. The lowest is -31.3 degrees Celsius in winter.